Sword rush

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Sword rush

Post  {[BRD]}DarK_FirE™ on Mon Feb 15, 2010 5:28 am

1. Build Hut near water and rice.
2. Shift the 2 peasant to the place where u want build your 1st tavern
3. Rally Hut point to water (2 peasant)
4. Shift the 2 tavern-builder peasant to build your 2nd Tavern
5. Rally 3. peasant (third peasant from your hut) to 1st Tavern
6. Rally 4. peasant to 2nd Tavern
7. Rally 5. peasant to 1st Tavern and then it's auto.
8. Shift 1 water peasant to 2nd Tavern. Later 1 rice peasant too. At finish, 2 rice and 1 water peasant.
Of course, rally the point of Tavern to enemy base.

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